Hard to Say Goodbye

The completion of the house sale is due any day now and the closer it gets the harder it feels to say good-bye. While it is still there I have felt i can go back to it at any time which has helped me make the move but once it is sold, that will be a chapter closed. I loved it at Mas du Diable I was able to grow so many wonderful edibles and the mountains became my painting inspiration. It is harder than i thought it would be to let go, like a plant i put my roots into this soil. It was a special piece of land, but we had to leave it and I would not change the choice we made in coming here and living in these mountains for nearly nine years. I’ve learnt alot and learned what is of real value in life and to appreciate the land we live on.

Last picture as we left Mas du Diable

Now we are in Devon our lives are completely different, and I need to think about what to do with this website. It is so particular to here and I don’t want to be living in the past but there is so much information in here which could be useful to others so i’d like to keep sharing it online. I may also create a new website as an A-z of all the edibles i’ve grown. What do you think?

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  1. You will leave a small hole in the blogosphere. Certainly, you have learned a lot managing this site and the physical one during the cevennes years and can take a lot of the experience with you to the new project !? I’ve been following the unraveling of your story here for years. Particularly interested in the growing of vegetables part. For the climate in the mountains can have such severe changes throughout the year.
    Knowing the hard work and soundness of it you have put in, I was very tempted to put in a offer when I learned you wanted to sell or other. But I didn’t feel I could put something decent forward…
    I’ve bookmarked the kichtengardennotes straight away.

    And feel we might be able to follow kitchengardeners+ down there?


  2. Best wishes on your move back to the UK. Thanks for everything you gave us with your blog here. The memories of Mas du Diable will stay with a lot of us, for a long time.

  3. . I have read and followed your wonderful blogs avidly, and will continue to do so now you are in Devon. Love the gardening stuff, and think your recipes are excellent – really superb. Please keep going! It was lovely, too, by the way to se a picture of you both – finally – albeit with such mixed emotions on your last day.
    Having followed your blog for so long I was curious to know what you both looked like – and there you were. :)
    Wishing you both every happiness and success in your new life back here in the UK.

  4. Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home in Devon. Mas du Diable looked so special – anyone would be heartbroken to leave it, but times change, and we have to move with it. But all your information and stories about growing vegetables etc are so knowledgeable and entertaining that it would be a shame not to be able to read it somehow, so please don’t erase it.
    Why not leave it on, with a big paragraph explaining that you no longer live there but still want to share your experiences with others.
    Erik and myself have made a decision to downsize from our big home of the last 16 years (and our fantastic Kitchen Garden, only 4 yrs old) so I’m thinking of doing a “Downsizing Diary” on our blog, telling the successes and disasters of starting again at our age.
    Would be great to know how you start again In Devon – so best of luck and keep us all informed.
    Kind regards to you.

  5. Thanks so much for your comments – Sale went through this morning so that’s it and I feel a bit shaky and shell shocked. But Mas du Diable has been passed onto the next generation and that feels great. A lovely couple with two children. We were only ever custodians of that land, we put a huge effort into it to make it arable and I am happy that the next generation are excited about growing on the land and in the polytunnel. I have left them a set of edible seeds, all the best varieties from my collected grown and saved over the years at Mas du Diable to get started.
    As for the blog – i cannot leave Mas du Diable up for ever as there are costs attached to the url so i will have to let it go by the end of this year, meantime I have started putting together a new site.

  6. I had the same feelings when I left Kenya after living there for ten years, travelling and working on safaris. I moved back to UK and couldn’t settle so hence we moved to the Cevennes. The Cevennes is home now and it evokes some of the same feelings I had when I lived in Kenya. I still love and miss Kenya but life changes and I feel lucky to have had all the experiences I had. Anyway I would definitely start a new blog, sometimes you have to really let go to start fresh. It would a shame to lose all the info though and your great recipes. My garden is in its third year and i often refer to your site as there is such a wealth of information – our old mas is virtually exactly the same orientation and altitude as mas du Diable – so you can imagine how useful your blog is for me! Anyway, let us know what you decide and good luck with your new adventure in Devon….

  7. Whatever works best for you, works best for me too…keep on keeping on. Love you guys. T x

  8. New life adventures = new blog. Thank you for sharing Mas du Diable with us. Keep us posted!

  9. I think that you should leave the Mas du Diable blog just as it is and move on to a new blog. You have so much expertise to share with other gardeners and I believe that you will need that outlet. Some day you will be able to look back and enjoy seeing what you had. Leave it be for now. Allow other gardeners to learn from both your past and new experiences.

    I too would be bereft if I had to leave such a place. Thank you for letting the rest of us say goodbye to Mas du Diable. I look forward to watching you grow in a new place.

  10. I have really enjoyed your time in the mountains too. Thank you. But I would love to hear about the differences growing in a much milder climate … and the differences/similarities in being back in Britain. I have very mixed feelings about being in England and I’m still not sure whether I like or dislike knowing exactly what’s going on. I think, on the whole, I feel more comfortable in rural france.

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