A Kitchen Garden Notebook

I originally started this blog as a way to organise my records of the garden, climate and food growing activities and to share information, tips, ideas and techniques with other gardeners.

Having left Mas du Diable and moved to Devon, England I no longer have land to grow food on. I have started a new blog as a place to put the detailed growing information I have accumulated over the years about a huge variety of plants. An A-Z of edibles.  It will take some time to put all the information there but hopefully it will make a usefull resource for anyone interested in growing edible plants for food or seed in the future.

A Kitchen Garden Notebook  

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  1. Oh good. I love to imagine that in my one day garden I will be able to grow lovely vegetables and cook them as beautifully as you do. So looking forward to more information and wonderful pictures. Good luck.

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