Effective Laundry Energy Saving Tips

Green LaundryWhen doing laundry using a washing machine there are several techniques you could apply to help save energy. We have outlined the following tips to help you use less energy and achieve efficient results.

Lower the thermostat temperature

You do not require very high-temperature settings for home laundry. Set the temperature at 50 degrees Celsius, this temperature is perfect for both warm and hot washing cycles and saving energy. Presoak clothes that are highly soiled before washing.

Full Capacity loading Machine washing

Most of the times we mostly under-load the washing machine instead of loading it to capacity. Get the exact loading capacity of your washing in pounds and figure out the amount of laundry that would weigh say 15 or 22 pounds. Determine what volume corresponds to a load of clothes. It will take more energy to wash 2 loads of clothes compared to washing one big load using a moderate setting.

Use the suds-saving feature

The washing machine’s suds-saving feature is a great way to save water when washing clothes that are lightly soiled. The water used for the first load can be used a second time for the next. This feature is only ideal if the next load is to be washed immediately.

Separate clothes for drying

Separate out clothes of similar types when it is time for drying. For example separate bath towels and other clothes made from natural fiber that take a long time to dry from lighter synthetics that dry fast.

Moderate drying of clothes

Avoid excess drying of clothes to minimize the need for ironing by removing the clothes with just a little dampness. Ironing will consume even more energy. Use the automatic dry feature if it is available for your dryer rather than the time to save energy. The 120 volt stackable washer dryer has excellent features for saving energy.

  • Avoid mixing partly dried clothes with wet ones when drying clothes to save energy.
  • Dry two loads of clothes simultaneously to utilize the heat available from the initial load.
  • For maximum dryer performance ensure the dryer filter is periodically cleaned after every use to avoid clogging which blocks normal flow.
  • Load the dryer to capacity but ensure you do not overload it with clothes. It is a waste of energy to dry clothes in small loads. Load the dryer in a way air can freely circulate through the drying items.

Clean the exhaust vent

Ensure that the exhaust vent outside the dryer is clean and its flapper moves freely.

Whenever the climatic conditions allow, make use of the natural and free energy from the sun to dry clothes by hanging them outside to save energy!