How to Spring Clean Like a Professional

House Cleaning San FranciscoSpring-cleaning is a term used to refer to periods of the year when homeowners carry out deep cleaning of the house in order to give their living space a refreshed feeling and in preparation for the arrival of guests over the holiday period. This means that for most people spring-cleaning is done twice a year. Many undertake spring cleaning activities as though it is a major military operation. If you however maintain a regular cleaning schedule, there are a few ways you can get the more intense work done easily and soon enjoy the clean feel of spring-cleaning.

  • Flooring

Even with regular vacuuming, dirt and dust will with time become deeply embedded in the deepest fibers of carpets and rugs. It is necessary that you have them thoroughly washed at least once a year, especially after winter when dirt and dust has been confined to the room for extended periods. Hiring carpet cleaner is simple enough, but the type of shampoo you use and washing techniques that should apply will depend on the type of carpet you have. The easiest option is to simply hire a cleaning service with years of experience in carpet cleaning. They will first visit your home to determine the type of carpets and rugs you have and would provide you with a quote of the recommended services you will need. For exposed flooring, be sure to reapply wax or sealant in readiness for another year of wear and tear. We’re from San Francisco, and we know that when it comes to house cleaning San Francisco companies all claim to be the best, but we’ve found that Maid Complete really does to a good job. I know they have locations in a lot of other major cities including Denver and Phoenix, so if they service your area definitely check them out.

  • Drapes

It is not always necessary to have to wash your drapes, but it is a good idea to shake loose as much accumulated dust off them as you can. An easy way to do this is to take them down, remove the hooks and run them through an air-fluff cycle in your dryer with a damp towel. This should take about 15-20 minutes, after which you can immediately re-hang them. If you have blinds, wipe over them with a clean damp cloth.

  • Upholstery

Make use of the smaller attachments to your vacuum and get into all the nooks and crevices of your furniture to vacuum out any trace of dust. Also, run your vacuum over the cushions and pillows to help draw out dust particles that have sunk deeper into the fibers. As you do this, make a note of any spots or stains in the fabric that you will need to go over again with suitable cleaners. Take time to also run your vacuum over corners of the floor and ceiling, and behind furniture that is against the walls. These are areas where dust can pile up and cobwebs accumulate out of sight. For more info on cleaning upholstery click here.

  • Kitchen

When it comes to spring-cleaning the kitchen, it has to begin by getting rid of old food. Empty out your refrigerator of all its contents. If there has been an ice buildup, allow this to defrost completely. Wipe down all the surfaces with a mild disinfectant cleaner. If there is an odor clinging to the interior of the refrigerator, place a bowl of white vinegar inside for a few hours to draw out the disturbing smell. Also empty out the pantry and get rid of any foods and spices hat are past their expiration date. Also, wipe down all the shelves of any dust and spillages.

  • Laundry & Bedding

A change in season often denotes a corresponding change in attire and bedding. Before you put away winter blankets and jackets, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry them out before storage. Remember when changing out your winter bedding to run a vacuum over the mattress. This can help cut down on the amount of exposure to dust. Also make it a habit to flip your mattress over each time you make the bed to increase its life. Alternate between flipping it over end over end, and side over side.

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