Seeds I have to offer

These are the seeds I have available. Packets are hand made and include decription,variety names and photograph. The seeds I have to offer have all been grown under organic conditions  in my garden and saved following Association Kokopelli seed saving recommendations. I list the original seed source see key at bottom of page +SS = self saved and the year the seed was harvested.

Rocket (Eruca Sativa M.) Cultivated Rocket (V/SS) 2010
Parsley (Petroselinum neapolitanum) Giant Italian Flat Leaf (F/SS) 2010
Squash/Courgette (C. pepo) Ronde de Nice (Mar/SS) 2010
Squash/Courgette (C. pepo) Vert d”Italie (F/SS) 2011
Achoca (Cyclanthera pedata) Fat Baby (SW/SS) 2010
Ridge Gourd/Angled Loofah (Luffa actangula) 2010
Swiss Chard (Blette) (Beta vulgaris) Verte a Carde Blanche (V/SS) 2010
Pak Choi (B.rapa var chinensis) Canton Dwarf (T/SS) 2010
Kale Georgia Southern Collard (HSL/SS) 2010
Garlic Chives/Chinese Chives (Allium tuberosum) (FSM/SS) 2010
New Zealand Spinach/Tetragon (SW/SS) 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009
Amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus) (SW/SS) 2011
Corn Salad (Valerianella locusta) A Grosse Graine, 2009
Kale (Brassica napus) Red Russian (SW/SS) 2009
Turnip (Brassica rapa var. rapa) Rave D’Auvergne, 2009
Aubergine (Solanum Melongena) White Egg (Mar/SS) 2011
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Noire de Crimée (V/SS) 2007, 2008
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Double Rich (K/SS)2007, 2008
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) White Rabbit (K/SS) 2008
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Black Cherry (K/SS) 2008
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Cuostralee (K/SS) 2008
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Green Zebra (HSL/SS) 2008
Fury Cucumber (Cucumis melo) Bari (SW/SS) 2009, 2010
Gherkin (Cucucmis sativus) Fin de Meaux (Tz/SS) 2008
Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) Potimarron Red Kury/Uchiki Kury  (K/SS) 2008
Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) Marina Di Chioggia (F/SS) 2011
Sweet Peppper(C. Annum) Buran (SW/SS) 2008 Polish heirloom
Sweet Peppper(C. Annum) Doux D’Espagne/ Spanish Mammoth (SW/SS) 2009
Sweet Peppper(C. Annum) Nardello (HSL/SS) 2009, 2010
Hot Pepper (C. Annum) Cayenne Heat level 8-9/10 (V/SS) 2004, 2005, 2006
Hot Pepper (C. Annum) Thai Red (Prik kii nue) (Mar/SS) Heat level 7-8. 2006, 2007
Hot Pepper (C. Annum) Guindilla (Mar/SS) Heat Level 5-6/10
Hot Pepper (C.Baccatum) Amarillo (Mar/SS)  Heat 7-8/10
Hot Peppper (C. Annum) Satan’s Kiss (F/SS) Heat Level 4/10

KEY to Seed Source Code (SS) self-saved (SW) from a Seed Swap (K) Kokopelli (HSL) Heritage Seed Library (F) Franchi Seeds (V) Vilmorin (FSM) Ferme de Sainte Marthe (DO) Duchy Originals (O) Organic Seed Catalogue (T) Tuckers Seeds (RS) Real Seeds (N) Nicky’s Seeds (PC) Potager d’un Curieux (Eden) The Eden Project (LeP) Le Paysan (Tz) Tezier (C) Caillard (TE) Thomas Etty (Mar) saved from a market fruit or plant.


I am happy to send my seeds to anyone who wants them, but it’s only fair if you pay for the postage. Thanks.

For seeds offered by other garden bloggers, check out the Garden Bloggers Seed Network Patrick started over at Bifurcated Carrots.

Also try seed swapping forums such as the European Garden Exchange

For a quick overview of seed saving check out The Real Seed Catalogue’s Basic Seed Saving For Beginners.

Seeds Wanted

PLEASE NOTE I am not currnetly looking to swap seeds, as I don’t have a vegatable garden at the moment. 


I am always on the lookout for new varieties of edibles or useful plants to grow. In particularly I am looking for the following so if you have any of these seeds and would like to swap with me please do get in touch.

Aubergines Casper or any white varieties, Thin Purple ones such as Little Fingers, Slim Jim, Pintung Long, any Indian aubergines.
Beetroot goldie or any yellow or white vars
Herbs & Spices Lemon Verbena, Orange Thyme, Holy Basil (Ram Tulsi) “Kaprao” (Ocimim sanctum), Mustards for Seed Brassica niger, black mustard seed, B. juncea, brown mustard, and B. alba, the white seeded form.
Radish Mooli/Oriental white radish, rats tail radish
Onions (Allium cepa) any particularly sweet or salad varieties
Leafy Brassicas of all kinds Giant Red Mustard, Tronchuda cabbage (Portuguese kale)
Lettuces all kinds and in particular: Mascara, Crisp mint or any  cos / romaine, deer tongue.
Peas all varieties including mangetout and snap
Peppers any variety good for making paprika, any chilli good for making Korean Kimchi, any habanero particularly mild ones or jalapenos, mulatos and poblanos (ancho).  Specific chilli varieties I am after are: Peri Peri, Ramiro, Aleppo, Berbere, Fatali, Fresno, Whippets Tail/Joe’s Long Cayenne, Nuri, Pasilla, Budai Csipos, Urfa.
Pumpkin/Squash (Cucurbita moschata) Futsu Black.(Cucurbita maxima) Crown Prince, Hokkaido or Japanese types, Blackforest. (Cucurbita pepo) table king or any Acorn type Squash, Sweet Potato Squash/Delicata/Peanut Squash
Runner Bean Phaseolus coccineus any variety really or one that will stand a hot dry climate
Haricot or French Beans Cupidon (Dwarf) Buenos Aires (Climbing)
Tomatooes Great White (white), White Wonder (white), Jaune Flammé (orange), Persimmon (Orange), Black from Tula (Black), Black Sea Man (Black), Paul Robeson (Black), Black Krim (Black), Aunt Ruby’s German Green (green), Green Grape (green), Caspian Pink (Pink), Pink Grapefruit (Pink), Rose de Berne (Pink)
Unusual Cucurbits such as bitter melon,  Tinda (Praecitrullus fistulosus), Doodhi (Lagenaria siceraria) aka Edible Bottle Gourd, Wax Gourd/Hairy Melon (Benincasa hispida), Oriental pickling melons (Cucumis melo var conomom)Kachri (Cucumis melo var. agrestis) a small melon from Rajasthan use mainly dried and powdered


  1. Seed swap!
    we have planned a seed exchange day on the 14th october, in Trieste, Italy. we invite all the groups and individuals for a visit. camping is available for those who arrive from nearby countries with a compost toilet service. during the day, groups can bring their seeds, speak about their work and share experiences. please write to to confirm your partecipation People interested in sowing can stay over the weekend and sow in our sinergic farm.

  2. Hi Candy
    No problem I have all those seeds. Sorry you had a bad year in the garden but very happy that you want to buy replacements from me. Money is also one of the reasons we have to leave Mas du Diable, it has been difficult with all the travel costs back and forward to uk so selling some seeds will help. Have emailed you. If you have a pay pal account that would be best as you can pay in any currency. I think postage will be about 5 euros. I can sort the seeds out tonight and ost tomorrow.

  3. i would love to buy these from you! :) i had some bad luck & lost a lot of my seeds. some of them were ones that we traded before! if you still have any of them, i would love to buy them from you! :)

    here’s my list:

    1. ronde de nice
    2. fat baby achoca
    3. blette swish chard
    4. corn salad
    5. white egg aubergine
    6. szechuan aubergine
    7. double rich tomato
    8. caro rich tomato
    9. white rabbit tomato
    10.cuostralee tomato
    11.bari cucumber
    12.fin de meaux cucumber
    13.potimarron red kury/uchiki kuri pumpkin
    14.tromba d’albenga pumpkin
    15.buran sweet pepper
    16.doux d’espange spanish mammoth sweet pepper
    17.thai red (prik kii nue) hot pepper
    18.guindilla x 2 hot pepper
    19.amarillo hot pepper
    20.rocoto orange hot pepper
    21.satan’s kiss hot pepper

    it’d be around $50 USD.. just let me know the shipping & how you want to be paid. :)

    i do have some of the tomatoes that you listed. i will have to go & see how much of them i have, though! of course they’re organic & i saved them myself! :D

    i hope all is going well with you, laura! Mas Du Diable is so pretty!! I’m sad you are leaving it! but i understand the need to be around family. :) absolutely gorgeous property, though!

    best wishes,
    ~ Candy

  4. I’ve got some Sandia A and Serrano pepper seeds to trade. Both come from my home in New Mexico. Interested? I don’t think I’m far away. I’m an amateur gardener and missed these two varieties so very much. I also have some kale seeds which you don’t find here in France. I’m in the Cevennes also.


  5. […] du Diable is a good example of a site that offers individual seed exchange but is also a super-inspirational place to check out generally. The site features the […]

  6. Hi Laura,
    Wonderful site!!
    Am also from NZ, and save my own seeds in a small organic garden. One plant that I grow may be of interest to you is Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), however it is propagated from tubers, not seed.
    I also have stones from an older variety of peach, a smallish sweet white-fleshed variety which grows quickly, readily and consistently from seed/stone. Here the fruit ripen in the first week of March. Sorry I do not know the actual variety name, it grows all around the neighbourhood here.
    I also have horseradish, if you are still in need of this, and if the root is allowed into France.
    I could send you these if you are interested, perhaps late in our summer.
    Seeds of one plant that I would be interested in swapping or buying is Caigua (Cyclanthera pedata) which is difficult to find here. It is allowed into NZ according to the NZ Biosecurity list.

    best regards, David

  7. Hi Laura, I’m not sure if you got the email that I sent to you via your contacts page about your request for caper seeds… Anyway, I’ve just collected and cleaned the first seeds from my Croatian caper bushes and can send some to you if you’re still interested.

  8. Happy to send you NZSpinach and Amaranth Ottawa – i’ll email you and charlotte thanks for getting in touch I got your seed list lets swap – i’ve sent an email.

  9. I have lots of brassicas including some freshly saved open headed bok choy types. I also have some northern eggplants. I’m interested in NZSpinach and Amaranth.

  10. You have a few varieties I’ve been trying to find seeds for, so wondering if you’re up for a swap. :-)

    I’d be interested in the bari, loofah, and black cherry tomatoes.

    Things I have that you may be interested in:
    Achocha “Fat Baby” (This is my favourite thing I’ve grown this year.)
    Waverex peas
    Pea Aubergines
    For leafy things, I have both green and white choy sum, and gai lan. I also have kangkong, celtuce, mitsuba mibuna.
    Edible bottle gourd (but I’ve only got one seed left of that to share!)

    I don’t have rats tail radish, but I do have munchen bier, which is also grown for its edible pods.

    Send me an email if you’re keen. I can send you my entire seed list if you’d like to browse.

  11. They look great Matron – I popped over and have a look – it makes us seem like we garden next door I love that. I have seen them get as long as 5ft – I think they grow longer if they are suspended and grown on a frame.

  12. Thanks again for the tromba d’albegna squash seeds. I am getting great results so far. Come over and have a look!

  13. Thanks Karlene for your seed list have emailed to let you know which seeds I am interested in.
    As for seed import / export
    I have checked with MAF Biosecurity New Zealand and it has no restrictions on seeds going overseas, France has no restrictions on seeds coming in so declare them as seeds on the customs declaration and they should be fine.
    However importing seeds to New Zealand is restricted. The issue is biosecurity for the unique ecosystems in Australia and New Zealand. Importing new plant varieties can have a devastating effect on indigenous flora and fauna e.g kakabeak is endangered in the wild due to plants introduced from europe taking over its natural territory (gorse and buddlia being the most aggressive according to the NZ Department of Conservation) so it is important to be aware and act responsibly.
    I have sent an email to MAF them asking if my seeds would be allowed (as they are mainly edible annuals and organically grown) but meanwhile you could see if the seeds you are interested in from me are listed as allowed ….
    Only seed for the species listed in the MAF Biosecurity New Zealand Plants Biosecurity Index will be considered for entry into New Zealand.

  14. sure Kali – happy to swap what are you interested in and what do you have to swap –
    is it possible to send seeds from France to NZ ? I thought there were restrictions?

  15. Hi I am in New Zealand and save masses of seed in my own garden, I am keen for swaps , I am sure i have many things that you would like, let me know if this is do-able

  16. Wow Nóra that is so kind of you and very exciting. Yes yes yes to all the seeds and I would love your recipes with/for paprika. Where abouts in Hungary are you. I spent a month in Budapest in 1989 as part of my post grad studies – I was studying Eastern European Cinema -what a fabulous city, I loved it there. Please let me know what seeds I can send you. All the best and thanks so much for getting in touch. Laura

  17. Dear Laura,

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, but I have only now got time for seeds.

    I have managed to get some of the seeds you are looking for.

    Red pepper Kalocsa and Szeged (paprika) seeds from the paprika-growing area of Hungary (the Great Plain). These are the seeds which the growers themselves use. They are not F1. All of these Hungarian peppers are good for making paprika. The final quality depends on the preparation technique. I made some very nice paprika this year from some ordinary seeds. We use a lot of paprika, and I would be pleased to send you some basic recipes if you would like.

    In a few days I will be receiving the organic heritage paprika seeds which I mentioned previously, and are particularly promising.

    I can also the Japanese seeds Perilla and Mitsuba. The latter is a perennial, and I can recommend it as a herb.

    Also, I have produced my own seeds of Shungiku, which is very popular in our family. We eat it raw in salads. It is worth trying.

    As soon as I have all of the seeds, I will send them immediately. Please tell me your postal address.

    I am very glad to be your Hungarian connection!

    Best wishes,

  18. Hi Merete
    I would like to try your Fiskeby seeds. I understand it was bred in Sweden so is cold tolerant it would be interesting to try it here in Southern Europe early in the season. So far I have had very poor results trying to grow soybeans sown around May 2 months in and it is just too hot and dry for the vars I’ve tried. Happy to send you the Szechuan aubergines. I will email you.

  19. Hi Laura.
    Are you still interested in soy beans? I have two kinds. A yellow one, Fiskeby. It’s still possible to buy it, but I bought mine more than 30 years ago and have kept them in my garden ever since. The other one is black, Kuromane, I got it a few years ago from the swedish seed savers, Sesam. Kuromane does not give a very high yeld i my garden but it should be very healthy.
    I would like to have seeds of aubergine Szechuan if you want to swap.
    Kind regards from Merete.

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