Make your own seed packets

A variety of packets ready to send out

I ran out of the little plastic bags I normally use for seeds, so I decided to knock up my own seed packets. Very easy really, the only complicated bit was working out a folding mechanism. I’m not great at the round peg in the square hole thing so it took me a while, with a pencil, paper and scissors, but i got there in the end and they work.  I used to do some design work years ago so I was quite happy, spending a couple of hours making these little packets. They are just done in word, so not really much scope on the design front but they function and look quite cute with a picture and description of the vegetables.

Seed Packet Template

I am quite happy to share an editable template if anyone wants it – a copy of the word doc (2 packets to an A4 page). I have put a link to the document on my new site Kitchen Garden Notebook 


  1. sure – however if it is not a swap – … the seeds I have available for sale, price 1.50 euro per packet plus postage. I’ll email you.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Can you spare some guindilla seeds? I would be most grateful. I love those guindilla pepper a lot. Will you let me know via e/mail.


  3. Paulatte have sent template but cannot find any previous request from you – what is you want? I do still grow guindillas. I am not taking any more seeds my self (unless it is a special chilli) I have more than I need for this year.
    p.s i found previous request as follows – yes i was some time ago a year i think.
    as follows:
    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’ll look through our list of seeds to see if there is anything we can trade. All of our seeds are or have been saved from certified organic, organically grown or heirloom suppliers. We buy some seeds every year, but save as much as we can. Most of our crop this year will be planted from our saved varieties and so we’ll see if they are true. All of our garden plots are well separated from each other and we have a greenhouse.
    We are actually in the process of doing our seed inventory. I have to put it in a format that is user-friendly, and then I’ll can get back to you.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Laura Hudson wrote:
    Sure Paulette – Happy to send guindilla pepper seed
    please read my seed page to see what I am looking for in a swap – do you have anything to swap on my want list? or a suggestion

    You asked
    Do you know where I can get piquillo peppers (Spain)?
    As far as I know piquillios are the mildish red peppers that are traditionally peeled and preserved or stuffed in Spain. I got some seed last year in a swap but they did not grow true – a lot of variability even between plants. So i do not have any of what i would consider true piquillos this year. Maybe next year. You could probably get seed from Seeds by size there is a link on my blog on the seed sources section.

    kind regards Laura

  4. Hi there Laura,

    I remember sending you a request a long time ago about your guindilla peppers. Do you still have or grow guindilla peppers? Any other unusual peppers hot/sweet?

    I finally have an inventory list in a format that is useable that I can send of our seeds should you want something from our list. However, it seems that you have an awesome seed collection!

    Anyway, I am on your mailing list and wish to continue getting your RSS feed.

    Also can you re-send the blank seed packet template. I’m having computer problems and do not have access to my email files prior to May 2010.

    Looking forward to the spring here in Manitoba!



  5. would love a copy of your seed packet have lots of seeds to sort thanks

  6. Hi, Love this idea, can you please email me the template! Thank you.

  7. Could you please send me your editable seed packet template? Thank you.

  8. all sent

  9. Hi, please could you send me your seed packet template?

    Thank you

  10. Hi Caroline
    No problem – great to get kids interested in growing things. I could send you some seeds of some of the strangest plants I’ve got which the kids might find interesting – off the top of my head
    hairy cucumbers (delicious and like little pets my niece says they are like gineepigs without the squeek) amaranth grows very tall and has huge pink plumes (eat leaves and seeds) great fun.
    let me know if you would like some seeds

  11. Hi Laura, Caroline from Jersey here. Please can you send me the Word copy of the seed packets for my school gardening club. Thanks also say Hi to Rachel from me thanks.

  12. hope everyone who asked got the email ok.

  13. Pls can you send me the word template you use to create your seed packets. Thanks a lot .
    Best Regards

    Ebby John

  14. Hi,
    I wouldn’t mind a copy if it isn’t too much trouble.

  15. I love your blog. Could I please have a copy of your seed template?

    Thanks. Lynn from San Francisco, California

  16. Could you send me the word template for your seed packet. Thanks so much!

  17. Will you pleas send me the word template for seed packets? This would be so helpful for my project. Thank you, Melissa

  18. Can you please email me your editable word template? Thanks.

  19. on its way veronica

  20. Can you send me the word template you use to create your seed packets?

    Thank you very much,

    Veronica Sosnowski

  21. Oh that is darling! :) How cute!!

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