Spring Cleaning Tips to Revamp your Deck

The deck is the perfect extension for your home during the season of summer. Using clever interior design and beautiful accessories your deck can be transformed into an ideal outdoor room. During summer, you can enjoy a nice barbecue, cup of coffee or a refreshing drink right on your deck. lovely deckNothing beats a night under the stars on your beautiful deck. However, before you can begin to enjoy all your deck has to offer it is important to have it cleaned. Spring cleaning your deck will not only make it more pleasant but also durable. It is a worthwhile and rewarding effort that offers you an inviting place relax and hang out with your friends and family.
Clear the Deck
Begin by clearing the deck of all the planters, furniture and the rest of the accessories. Next sweep the deck thoroughly using a broom or blow off the accumulated grime and debris during winter using a leaf blower.
Use a plastic sheet to cover the adjacent plants to protect from coming into contact with the harsh deck cleaning agent during the cleaning exercise.
Choose an effective deck cleaning Solution
Grab the deck cleaning agent whether homemade or conventional. Make sure you use powerful household ingredients for your homemade cleaning agent that can act the grime and spots on your deck effectively. Water and detergent are normally enough to get the job done, however if you are concerned about dealing with mildew then consider adding bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
Spray the entire deck
Fill a spray bottle with the cleaning solution and apply it all over your deck and allow it to sit for 15mins. Cover the entire deck surfaces with the cleaning agent including the stairs and rails. It is recommended to do this on an overcast day to avoid the direct sun.
Scrub thoroughlydeck scrubbing
Based on how dirty your deck has become and the effectiveness of your cleaner you should be able to wash the deck using a brush and some elbow grease. Use a strong synthetic brush that will be able to withstand the cleaning solution and scrubbing.
Rinse using pressure
deck-cleaning-and-sealingNext, use a pressure washer to thoroughly rinse the deck and remove dirt completely. Begin from the edge near the house and move outwards to rinse off the cleaning solution. Be carefully not to use too much pressure that can end up damaging your deck boards. If you do not have a pressure washer then you can attach a nozzle to your hose and do the same.
Let it Dry
Finish rinsing and allow the deck to dry out fully. This is the best time to seal your deck so go for it. Get your outdoor furniture, planters and accessories back and call your friends and family for a party. According to this house removals companies in Bournemouth a clean deck is the perfect welcome to a new home.